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    Welcome to my online home. A space to connect, learn, share and feel inspired.

    Explore and learn with me. I offer online support, 1:1 consults, yoga & meditation wellness programs, and a host of wisdom to help you unlock your Ultimate Wellbeing.

    If your looking for greater health, purpose, fulfilment, or simply want to do something more for yourself;

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    Hello! I’m Jess Leggatt, Occupational Therapist + Integrative Wellness Practitioner uplifting you to greater heights in health, wellness and life-fulfilment.

    Combining skills in yoga, occupational therapy, breathwork, lifestyle redesign, mindfulness & meditation I offer an integrated lifestyle approach to health and wellbeing.

    It’s time to start looking after you.



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    I’m a mum, writer, therapist, science-loving wellness seeker, and lover of life overflowing with the good stuff.

    I combine modern scientific discoveries with the nurturing concepts of intuitive traditional wisdom. Are you ready to experience life in a WHOLE new way?

    Jump online to learn more about my WHOLE LIFE wellness model and start your wellness journey today.



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Nice things people are saying…

 “Thank you so much for teaching mindfulness Jess. It’s been like a cellular shift in my mind body connection. It’s released the reactiveness I was having when body pains and stress where colliding. I’ve unhooked from the connection of pain in my body making me feel a certain way. I’d had an intensely painful back one day in class, in the region of the adrenals. The most exciting and unexpected thing happened, the first 20mins of practice with you, gave me huge relief. Something I hadn’t been able to achieve during that day with meditation and rest alone.
Thank you so much for your classes. Your knowledge and experience is obvious in the comforting and fascinating way you bring the science into every day understanding. Your natural talent and care bring deep healing and this is such a gift. Thank you”.              
                 ~ Lisa Ryan | Life Coach | Laughter Yoga Therapist | Brisbane | Australia


 ” Jess has tapped into the power of healing with heart, while drawing from a sound scientific evidence base. When she says she wants the best for you, believe it! She honestly does. Jess continues to hold the space for my transformation with a generosity of love, trust and wisdom.
Jess has traversed her inner landscape and has cultivated an integrated, health-full, joy-full life. You can too! If you want to maximise your health-full, joy-full life, I enthusiastically invite you to journey with Jess. It’s a gift to yourself that will continue to give throughout your life”.
  ~ Kimberley Kevan | Occupy – Health professional & Lifestyle Coaching | Occupational Therapist | South Australia


“Whether you’re feeling lost or unfulfilled, struggling with overwhelm, dealing with a chronic health issue or are seeking a new vibrancy to your life, Jess will inspire you with her wisdom and melt you with her understanding presence. She will take you on a journey to understand your whole self and help you embrace a new way of life”. 
~ Melissa Sandon | Kinesiologist + Intuitive Coach |


“I am blessed to have had an opportunity, recently, of attending Jess Leggatt’s Yoga of the Heart, 6 week program and participating in her immersion sessions…a truly inspiring and life-changing experience, incorporating a lovely balance of practical information and references for further learning or reading, as well as yoga and meditation practices.
Jess is true to the name of her course, not only orientating her teachings towards a focus on living from the heart, but embodying those principles herself. She exudes a wonderful warmth, and energy, and is passionate and knowledgable about subjects dear to her. She creates an atmosphere that is both nourishing and informative, full of love and acceptance of what experiences life brings, and of the people she encounters. I am delighted to recommend participation in Jess’s programs, yoga immersion sessions or individual consultations”.
    ~ Jane Farquhar | Counsellor | Brisbane


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