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Are you ready to experience life in a WHOLE new way?  Book in a session with me. It’s time to discover your Ultimate Wellbeing!

I offer personalised Whole-life Wellbeing sessions designed to unlock your ultimate potential and lift you to greater heights in health,  wellness and life-fullfilment.

Are you ready for your life to flow with greater ease, happiness and abundant health?


What you can look forward to when you come and see me:


  • Personalised, nurturing care with the ultimate goal to elevate your vitality and wellbeing
  • A full comprehensive 90 minute initial session with me to  identify your health and wellness visions, and create a clear path towards your physical, mental, emotional and spiritual wellbeing goals
  • A whole Life wellbeing check up to uncover where things may be out of balance in your life
  •  A comprehensive Lifestyle Questionnaire, based on my Whole Life Wellness Wheel  to help flag what is going well and what might need a little extra care and attention
  • A take home start-up Self Care Plan to help flip on your ignition switch and get you moving towards creating the changes you desire
  • Follow up wellbeing sessions focused on optimising your health, healing, life-fulfilment and recovery, with ample opportunity to self reflect, share dialogue, seek guidance and mentorship
  • Ongoing health and wellness sessions drawing on well-researched mind-body techniques, yoga therapy, meditaiton, breathwork, lifestyle redesign and life-purpose coaching, with a therapist who has walked the path herself


My specialties include:

 optimising whole life wellbeing | womens wellness | chronic pain | chronic illness  | depression/ anxiety | post traumatic stress | auto-immune issues | chronic fatigue | fibromyalgia | post natal self-care | lifestyle redesign | life-purpose mentoring


Make an appointment with me and start working towards your ULTIMATE wellbeing today!

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Phone me on: 0401 911 250


Work with me

Together we focus on:

Lifestyle redesign, to help you find your ultimate wellbeing 

– Whole Life mapping, so you can do more of the things you love

– Active mind-therapy for mental and emotional wellness

– Mind-body techniques for mental, physical and spiritual integration

– Breathwork and Mindfulness, to harmonise body and mind

– Mindful movement and therapeutic yoga for mind-body integration, body wisdom and whole-life alignment

– Values mapping to connect you with your heartfelt desires and create the future you want

Consulting Fees

Comprehensive Initial Whole Life Wellbeing Session with Jess$180* (1.5 hours)    

Follow up Whole Life Wellbeing sessions with Jess$150* (1 hour)   

* I am a registered health practitioner/occupational therapist through Medicare Australia and the major health funds. Call me to enquire about rebates and eligibility.

Specialised Consults

RESTORE & RE-BALANCE $180:  (90 min Initial consult)        $150 (60 min follow up)

Would you like to re-balance your life and enjoy renewed physical, emotional & mental wellbeing? Then this is the plan for you. Whether you are dealing with a chronic health issue, feeling lost or disconnected, struggling with emotional balance, or feeling overwhelmed with life, this plan will be your perfect starting place. Are you ready for greater clarity, purpose, peace of mind and vitality?  Contact me and make a booking today!

STEPPING OUT OF PAIN $180: (90 min Initial consult)         $150 (60 min follow up)

Are you ready to step out of the burden of pain, and do more of the things you love?  Are you tired of suffering through each day, and not finding the answers you need to get some relief? If you have chronic ongoing pain, and would like some extra guidance and caring support to ease your pain, get some relief and create more balance, and fulfillment in your life, then this is the plan for you.

The STEPPING OUT OF PAIN Plan will give you the tools and strategies you have been looking for.

The 12-week ULTIMATE WELLBEING package – 

This plan is for clients wanting a little more extended1:1 support, and for those seeking a  more structured long term plan to assist with their wellbeing goals. If you are looking to find your ULTIMATE WELLBEING, then this is the plan for you.

Contact me today to discuss your 12-week package combination.

Imagine how different life might be if…

You had personal support, extended care and a gentle guiding hand to help you on your path to Whole-Life Wellbeing?

You felt more positive, knowledgable and in control of your future and your health?

You were given the skills and resources to step out of the struggles & into the ease of taking better care of yourself?

Contact me directly to make an appointment OR 0401 911 250