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My journey to reclaim my body, get back my life and find the joy within

Life is so precious. All too often we become consumed with the busy-ness of day to day existence, hooked up in the unrealistic expectations of modern day life and overly committed to putting on a front. We literally forget the preciousness of life itself.

We soldier on, making out everything is okay, pushing our body and mind to its limits, trying to hide our self-perceived faults and failures and striving to achieve what we think is expected of us. But all this comes with a price tag. Our most precious asset of all; our health, both physical and mental, starts to suffer. I know. I’ve been there.


How do I create change in my life?

This is the million dollar question.

Most people recognise they need to make changes in their life. Most people know that smoking is bad for them, too much unhealthy food will eventually make them sick or overweight, working 14 hour days will make them tired and unhappy, sitting all day will cause injury and pain, and unhelpful thinking will lead to feelings of depression or anxiety. But what is it that truly makes people change their deeply ingrained habits?