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Self Care, Do something you Love, Connect

In all my years of training, researching, and practicing as a health professional, I always come back to these three core principles: Self care, Do something you love, Connect.

They have provided the constant undercurrent of my practice, and are now my personal ethos for life

After many years using these key principles to guide my patients to better health, function and living, I now make them a part of my own life mantra. I am finally walking the talk… Yes, it took awhile, but I eventually got there!

I have a genuine understanding from my own personal journey that although it is easy to teach these principles, it is not necessarily easy to honour them and bring them into play in your own life. It took me a long time to really ‘get this’. But it doesn’t matter how long it takes. What matters is that you are willing and open.

What changed things for me?

There came a time in my life when I was forced to start taking better care of myself. Implementing these three guiding principles into my own life became a necessity, not a luxury. And, the only way I managed to do this successfully, was slowly and simply; one tiny step at a time.

 My first step was to start by focusing on the first principle: self care. I learnt everything there was to learn about what it means to truly ‘care for oneself’. I engaged an open, enquiring mind, and I read, researched, studied, acknowledged, embraced and listened to the people I trusted and looked up to. I have some very good mentors and teachers in my life, and I reached out and listened.

 I knew self care was more than just getting up every day, taking a shower, getting dressed, eating, drinking, and sleeping, but it took a point of desperation in my life to really look deeper and discover, from a truly holistic perspective, what it means to genuinely ‘self care’; to nurture all aspects of oneself – mentally, emotionally, spiritually, socially and physically.

Faced with a number of health and personal challenges in a short space of time, along with giving birth to two beautiful healthy little girls; I was forced to start taking better care of myself. I was forced to reflect, and to start to truly connect with my inner most core values so that I could move closer towards the life I imagined for myself, and become the person I wanted to be. I had no choice but to start ‘walking the talk’, if not just for the sake of myself, but for the sake of my two little girls who needed a healthy, happy and thriving Mum.

I started practising the first principle of ‘self care’. I did this as much as I could. I called it the, ‘Flight attendant rule’…”first put on your own oxygen mask before helping others, (or doing anything else)”.

I practised it, and practised it, and practised it, until I was no longer hooked up in the guilt that came along with taking time-out for myself. This took awhile, but I got there. I still feel the guilt, but I don’t let it get in my way anymore.

My children reaped the benefits and became thriving, well balanced happy little beings.  Over time everything started to become a little easier.

I was no longer wrestling with life. I was learning to ‘let go’ and just be. And the best thing? After dedicating time to actively practise and put these principles into play each day (with quite a few slip ups along the way of course!) I was able to remain calm, courageous, and flexible even when life got a little rough again.

 I had finally found a healthy, adaptable, happy ‘default position’. I had tapped into my ‘reset button’ to 'just be' and enjoy every facet of life with a new way of thinking, feeling and living. If I started to fall apart a little at the seams again, this was okay too. I wasn't afraid to be vulnerable anymore.


Want to know more?

If you would like to find out more about my 'Self Care, Do Something you Love, Connect' formula, I will be bringing this into discussion in upcoming blog feeds and Mind Body Living articles, so stay tuned.

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