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It gives me great pleasure to introduce you to my online WHOLE LIFE Wellness Retreats. The first of these will be online and available to you very soon! 

My Whole-Life Retreat packages are refreshing, inspiring, uplifting, personal and packed with the latest scientific discoveries for optimising health. They are aimed at helping you create a healthier, balanced and more fulfilled life with guided support and ease. They provide an online wellness experience that is:

  • Soulfully rewarding
  • Personalised, flexible and packed full of wisdom, able to be tailored to your needs
  • Accessible and easy to follow, great for busy people on the move
  • Supportive and caring, vital for sustainable change
  • Life changing and uplifiting, launching you on your own path to ultimate wellbeing

My Online Wellness Retreats will be online and available to you VERY SOON! Sign up to my newsletter to stay up to date! 


Making changes can be tricky and having the ‘want’ for things to be different is not enough. We need to also be shown the ‘how’ and be given the tools and gentle guidance to turn things around.


Jess Leggatt017


How will the online retreats work?

My WHOLE LIFE Wellness packages combine the benefits of eLearning with a well researched, caring and personal approach to give you the tools and simple straightforward guidance to make the changes you want to see in your life. They are fully accessible online and self-paced over 2, 4 or 6 weeks.

Each Wellness package combines video guidance from me, stimulating learning modules with simple, easy to follow advice, and activities & exercises on how to incorporate WHOLE LIFE wellbeing into your life.

Not to mention a host of tools and resources designed by me to make the whole experience fun, engaging, rejuvinating and enjoyable!

I understand that making changes can be overwhelming; sometimes seemingly impossible (yep, I’ve been there!). And I understand that trying to take big steps, or giant leaps towards change can result in unpredictable or unfavourable outcomes. We often give up before we feel the benefits, or worst still, fail to even start.


My WHOLE LIFE Wellness Retreats help you take realistic and achievable steps towards greater health and wellbeing so you can enjoy sustainable and beneficial change in all areas of your life.


Want to know more?

Head to the FAQ Whole-Life Wellness Retreats page to find out more.