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Hello and welcome to my site! I am an occupational therapist, restorative flow yoga & meditation teacher and integrative wellness practitioner. I help people look after their minds, take better care of their bodies and support them on their journey to living a more connected, calmer, and richer life.

I combine a bunch of evidenced-based mind-body methods, psychological focused strategies and my holistic Whole Life Wellness Model to help enhance an individual’s wellbeing, & support and inspire them to do more of the things they LOVE.

I use a gentle, holistic approach that is heart-led, scientifically based and supports lasting neuro-physiological change. 

I believe an integrated life, is a WHOLE life.

When we start to work on  the mind and body as a synergistic whole and anchor ourselves to the stuff that matters; the life experiences, activities  &  connections that give us joy, meaning and purpose, we start to truly restore wellbeing, in a powerful and sustainable way. 

My mantra:

“Let occupation be thy medicine, and medicine be thy occupation”.

Jess Leggatt046


“As a holistic wellness practitioner, I am truly blessed to do what I love, and love what I do.  I get to help people from all walks of life cultivate greater calm, courage and self-kindness into their day, and weave a whole lot more joy, zest and connectedness into their lives, simply by doing more of the things they love”.

~ Jess Leggatt ~


Jess has over 15 years experience in the health and wellness industry, and is a fully registered allied health practitioner with AHPRA, Australia. She graduated from a four year Bachelor Degree in Occupational Therapy at the University of Queensland, and completed a green-level honours research project specialising in Indigenous school-skills development and evaluation with a young group of Aboriginal students at the urban Murri School in Brisbane, Australia.

 She is a mindfulness meditation teacher, integrative mind-body practitioner and certified yoga teacher specialising in Whole-Life Fitness and mental health aware yoga practices. Jess completed her base-level teacher training at the Biomedical Institute of Yoga and Meditation.

She has completed background training in human movement studies, mindfulness meditation, Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction (MBSR) and active mind-therapy approaches to train the brain and rewire the mind.

Over the past 10 years Jess has helped design, develop, and roll out a number of integrated multidisciplinary lifestyle programs within mainstream hospital settings, and has worked in several health care arenas as a clinician in acute hospital care, physical rehabilitation, chronic pain, mental health and post traumatic stress disorder.

Jess has spent a good part of her professional years working with, and walking alongside hundreds of ex-military vets and returned service-men and women  – ‘”a truly honorable experience of which I have learnt my most valuable and compassionate heart-led practices as a therapist working with trauma and complex pain conditions”.

Over the years, interlaced with her clinical career, Jess has been developing her own private holistic occupational therapy service, introducing her Whole-Life Wellness packages, wellbeing wessions, educational resources, writings and learnings, to help  people from all walks of life, achieve their wellness goals.

She is currently an on the ground practitioner working in youth mental health, and is stepping back into her lifestyle and wellness coaching roles, combining yoga and meditation with her holistic occupational therapy framework.


Jess is a heart-centred visionary, writer, teacher and facilitator of change.

She aims to inspire, educate, and encourage others to realise their ultimate potential for wellness, become masters of their own wellbeing, and step into their truest selves.

She provides professional mentorship to fellow practitioners in the holistic field of occupational therapy to help support them to live out their heartfelt desires, take better care of themselves and make a difference in the lives of others. 

And, she loves to write!

Jess is a published author and researcher in the International Occupational Therapy health Journal and over the years has contributed to several writings in professional magazines and OT websites. She has also written a children’s book (which she hopes to publish one day!). 

Jess is now working on her first soul-inspired health & wellbeing book; a heart warming fusion of mind-body medicine, personal discovery and fascinating science-backed methods providing powerful insight into sustainable health and wellness. This is a heart-driven quest which has been a number of years in the making. She has almost finished her labour of love, so watch this space!

She has also run wellbeing workshops, yoga classes, contributed to group education sessions and lectured at the University of Queensland. Jess often quotes that ‘it is often the little things that become the big things’ and believes in a grass roots approach to creating healthier, more compassionate connections – both locally and globally.

She is a proud founding member of OOFRAS (Occupational Opportunities for Refugees and Asylum Seekers) –  an internationally recognised not-for-profit volunteer organisation –  which Jess was blessed many moons ago to help develop from its infancy.

This is what Jess has to say about the time she spent in those early professional years…

OOFRAS evolved and grew through the leadership and and unwavering commitment of change-maker and leader, Clarissa Adriel, alongside a small yet dedicated team of OTs who believed – ‘from little things, big things grow’.  I am forever grateful for the experience and learning in these formative years – working at a grass roots level to support, advocate and work alongside refugees and asylum seekers to help create greater meaningful occupational engagement and opportunities within their communities. It has helped me recognise what truly matters in life and has sculpted me to be the therapist I am today.  Helping build and develop **OOFRAS in those early years is one of my proudest professional achievements to date. I feel truly honoured to have been a part of the small, yet dedicated team that helped develop this valuable project, which is still active and running to this day”.

You can check out the OOFRAS website here, and learn how to support and contribute to this wonderful initiative.

Ultimately, Jess feels super grateful to be reaching out and connecting with people wanting to create better health, connections and life-fulfilment for themselves and those around them. She believes it is indeed possible to find greater health and wellness, step into your truest self and do more of the things you love, given the right environment and support.

Email Jess to find out more:

Jess Leggatt | Occupational Therapist | Integrative Wellness Practitioner


**OOFRAS is an organisation of occupational therapists that advocate for refugees and asylum seekers, and raise awareness about the health and human rights of this population via lectures, tutorials, journal articles, the media, training workshops, and by partnering with the professional organisation Occupational Therapy Australia.  Since its inception, OOFRAS has brought greater meaning, life-skills, school- skills, and occupational engagement to many socially marginalised refugee and asylum seeking adults and children, both locally here at Milperra State School in Brisbane, and around the globe. You can find out more here