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PART 1: My deep journey of surrender into life’s perfection

Exactly this time last year I attended one of the most profound personal development conferences of my life. It was a conference like no other, and it touched something deep inside my tender heart, that forever changed me.

As most of you know, over the past four years I have been on quite a deep dive into the journey of healing, self discovery, spiritual seeking, surrender and finding my true purpose in life; my True North. To be honest the more I think about it, the more it feels like my whole life has been one big freakin epic personal development journey and for some reason, a couple of years ago the Universe decided to crank this up a few notches; throw me a couple of earth-quaking, ground-shaking curve balls, and catapult me on a super charged, fast tracked slip-stream of inner discovery and transformation. It has been one helleva wild ride, and I can’t wait to share more of this with you. But first, let me tell you about the life-changing conference which came into my life this time last year, and how it became the impetus to my beautiful deep dive into the journey of surrender, and the spark that relit my burning fire within.


Life is just one great-big-epic personal development course…

I am sure there are some of you deep, sensitive, tuned in souls out there, that would feel the same. That life is just one epic continuous journey of growth, change, expansion, evolution and integration, propelling us on a path towards ultimate inner transformation. This is the whole purpose of life, right?!  Evolve, or die. That’s how I see it anyway. Soul growth, soul evolution, soul expansion; our ultimate purpose in life; our ultimate and everlasting gift to human existence and Planet Earth.  Our dharma that lives on forever, imprinted in the universal core of all things, even when the physical no longer exists.

So, this time last year, the most extraordinary opportunity made its way into my life that would accelerate my soul’s growth and expand my consciousness beyond what I thought was ever possible. An opportunity to take an even more daring leap into the realms of my inner-discovery and personal growth and set me on a path of the extraordinary. This time last year I was intuitively called to attend a conference hosted by internationally revered personal development and spiritual teacher, Dr Wayne Dyer, co-hosted by cancer survivor Anita Moorjani – author of the internationally best-selling book Dying to be Me.

The conference was aptly named, “I am Light”. And that is exactly what has transpired in my life, ever since that beautiful luminous weekend, almost 12 months ago to this day.


I am Light.

The opportunity to attend the ‘I am Light’ conference leapt out at me as soon as it was advertised, and I didn’t hesitate. I was going, and my soul wasn’t going to have it any other way. Guided by this intuitive knowing that I just had to go, I bought a ticket that very minute. Luckily I did, because 2 days later, it was sold out. I couldn’t believe it. I was going to see Wayne Dyer for the first time in my life, and it was going to be in my home town, in Brisbane, Australia. I couldn’t believe my fortune to be graced with such a beautiful life-changing opportunity, and to be blessed with the presence of such a man of wisdom, humility, inspiration, generosity of spirit, and love.  Little did I know that this was the last time I, or Australia, or the world would ever get to see this incredibly inspiring man of spirit in the flesh, and the last tour he would ever do.

Less than two weeks after I saw him in Brisbane and just hours after flying home from his last leg of the tour in New Zealand, Wayne passed away at his home in Hawaii, peacefully in his sleep. He was a very special man, and is missed dearly by millions of people all around the world that have read his books, seen his talks or watched his documentaries. In a few weeks time, it will be one year since his passing, and his wisdom, his inspiration and his testament lives on, stronger than ever, in the hearts of many, including my own. This blog post is in loving memory of the late Dr Wayne Dyer. Forever missed, but never forgotten.




The Importance of Being Extraordinary

I was first introduced to the wonderful Wayne Dyer by my beautiful Mum. A couple of years ago, in the heights of my struggles of recovering from a pretty horrible dark period of my life, she handed me a CD that had been given to her by her acupuncturist. It was called The Importance of Being Extraordinary. It was a live audio recording of a conference lead by Wayne Dyer in his home country of Hawaii, co-hosted with the incredibly inspiring world renowned spiritual teacher, Eckhart Tolle (Author of The Power of Now…If you haven’t read this book…put it on the ‘must read’ list – it will change your life!).

At the time that this CD recording landed in my life, I was in the throes of a long and drawn out recovery from ill health and mental-emotional-physical exhaustion, and was just barely coping with the ordinariness of daily life, let alone concerned with ‘being extraordinary’. But, I had just embarked on my own little labour of love project, researching and building the content for a website I was developing, and I had also started writing my own blog posts, a project which seemed to be helping me with my recovery, pulling me out of the darkness and onto a path of purpose. This little ‘love project’ of mine was giving me hope and strength, and was reigniting my joy. My Mum said the recording of Wayne Dyer and Eckhart Tolle might help inspire this along and encouraged me to listen to it in the car on my drive into hospital where I worked at the time as a clinical occupational therapist. So I did. I listened to it. And I listened to it again the next week, and again the week after that, and again, and again, and again.

I listened to The Importance of Being Extraordinary every week for a period of about 12 months. It became my anchor, my source of inspiration, my impetus to live a better life and to start creating something extraordinary; connected to a higher purpose that was far greater than my small self could ever imagine. I started to ignite and connect to something deep inside of me that was propelling me along with a sense of purpose and meaning and strength, and I started to really believe in myself. I was being taken on an extraordinary ride driven by my soul’s core and I had no idea where it would lead me.


A seed was planted

Listening to Wayne and Eckhart on my way to work for all those months helped get me through those hard and rocky times. It planted a seed and lit a spark deep inside me, that grew and grew and grew into something pretty special.  I credit listening to The Importance of Being Extraordinary as sparking the start of my journey of stepping out of the struggles of an ordinary life, and into the ease and flow and incredible mystery of an extraordinary life. I am living a life of extraordinary potential and it is guiding me to a whole host of incredibly life changing opportunities including my attendance at Wayne Dyer’s ‘I am Light’ conference, in August last year.  


When you start living your life from the place of the soul, life will never be the same again…

The I am Light conference made me realise that there is something deep inside of us, deep down in the core of our very being, that is infinite and Divine and everlasting. And if we live our life from this place, rather than over identification with the mind and the body, than we can tap into an infinite potential of possibilities beyond our wildest dreams. When we live our life connected to this source of Light within, this infinite source of Love, than we need not fear anything ever again.

I realised that each and every one of us are pure beams of light, eagerly waiting to be unveiled to the world, shiny sparks of star dust just waiting to be uncovered. When we realise this, the world becomes our oyster, and we give ourselves permission to shine our bright gifts from the very depths of our being. Truly, we are all these incredible beings of light just waiting to be unlocked, waiting to be unleashed, waiting to be given permission to shine. I am light: you are light: we are light. It’s time to shine baby. It’s time to claim your light and share it with the world!

The I am Light conference unlocked something deep inside me, unvieling a deep knowing that it was time to stop living from the confines and shackled potential of my small self, and limited ego, and start living from my Greater Self, my Divine Self, my Source, my limitless Universal Consciousness. I started to think beyond this place of ordinariness, and started to envision living an extraordinary life connected to conscious Intelligence, to everlasting Light, to infinite Love.  I was inspired to live a life connected to my inner essence, co-creating with a Universe that is purposeful and benevolent and gracious. I still remember the tears that fell from eyes when I listened to the beautiful Skye Dyer (Wayne Dyer’s daughter) sing the song I am Light up on stage with her Dad (who was also crying). It was such a beautiful soul lifting experience. One which I will never forget. Here is the original song, I am Light, composed and sung by India Arie. You can listen to this beautiful song here. It will touch your heart in more ways than one.


I was changing…

I was only half way through the first day of the I am Light conference with Wayne and Anita, and I was already changing.


I started to dream big. I started to see limitless potential for my future. I start to vision a life that was bountiful, beautiful and abundant. I started to see myself beyond my body, beyond my mind, reaching for the stars; being amongst the stars. I started to see myself as a beaming spark of LIGHT.


Miracles started to unfold for me, almost like magic. During the 2-days of the conference I met some incredibly inspiring people, including getting to meet and hug Anita Moorjani in person, and have her sign a copy of her book for me!


I also experienced a profound and unexpected healing shift and inner awakening during a meditation facilitated by Wayne Dyer (thank goodness the lady sitting next to me was a shamanic healer and was able to give me the love and support I needed as I melted into a blubbering mess beside her! Thank you darling woman- you know who you are!).

And then, just as if I hadn’t experienced enough magic already, on the second day of the conference I was given the extraordinary opportunity to attend the Hay House Book Writers Workshop, which happened to be occurring the very next day, at the most incredible affordable price.

For $150 I was going to spend a whole day listening to speakers and internationally successful authors, including the CEO of Hay House – Reid Tracy, give tips and advice on how to write your book and get it published, plus the exceptional opportunity to apply for a publishing scholarship. I couldn’t believe it! Writing a book was something I had dreamt of doing since I was a teenager!! And suddenly, I was given this extraordinary opportunity to come back to the Brisbane Convention Centre the very next day to be taught, shown and encouraged, by some of the best authors in the country, with the most incredible publishing company in the world, how to get my book published.

I couldn’t believe the magic that was unfolding before my very eyes, and the inner realisations that were making themselves known to me. I was blown away. And this was only the beginning! My feet were literally hovering off the ground and I was floating in the sky of miracles and possibilities.


Surrendering into life’s perfection

The very next day I attended the Hay House book writers workshop, met some incredible people, and had the most beautiful time learning, listening and dreaming of the possibilities that lay ahead of me.  

And then, towards the end of the workshop, as I was mingling outside waiting to meet and greet with some of the authors and speakers, something extraordinary happened, which propelled me on a whole new personal journey of growth, expansion, and inner realisations beyond my wildest imaginings. With one foul swoop, like a lightning bolt out of the sky, the biggest, toughest lesson of my whole personal transformation so far, came cracking down on me, with one sudden heart-crushing thud.

At the end of the Hay House book writer’s workshop, I walked up to best selling author, speaker and meditation visualisation guru Jon Gabriel, to have my book signed and to tell him my dreams of having my book published, and perhaps get some tips. As soon as I approached Jon and excitedly told him I was writing a book and had dreams of getting it published, he look me straight in the eyes and said to me quite firmly and without much emotion, “You’re just going to have to surrender Jess”. And then, nothing. And he went straight onto speaking to the next person in the line.  WTF??!! Is that it!! “You’re just going to have to surrender Jess”. What does that even mean anyway? Red faced and dumb founded by his response I walked away in a daze. I couldn’t believe it. I had plucked up my courage to walk up to an international bestselling author to ask for his advice on how I should go about writing my book and all he could give me was, “you’re just going to have to surrender”. I felt like a bolt of lightning had just ripped through my heart. How the hell was I going to reach for the stars and push for my dreams with that kind of advice?

Unfortunately (and fortunately), this advice brought with it a whole TONNE of resistance, and an incredible amount of inner exploration, letting go and life changing moments as I learnt how to lean into this resistance, rather than push it away.

Holy cow, I didn’t realise the awakenings and inner realisations that would occur following this brief encounter, and the many more acts of letting go and continuous surrender that I would have to make, along the way.

Tune into my next blog post as I share with you the incredible slippery slope ride I embark on as I learn how to lean into this wall of resistance and tip toe through the sticky and difficulty process of letting go and surrender into the perfection of life. You will be blown away by the path it leads me on and the unexpected opportunities, miracles and magic that I encounter along the way. You will never look at life the same way again. When you start to let go and surrender, life starts to give back, in more ways than you can imagine.


With much love and LIGHT,