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In the beginning, I never set out to pursue this project. This project found me.


I didn’t set out to change people’s views on health and wellbeing. I only started because I needed to change life around for myself.


My own personal pursuit to better health delivered my own heart-driven fate to make a difference in other people’s lives.


My Quest

I am an occupational therapist, integrative wellness practitioner and proud mum from Brisbane, Australia. I have a strong desire to help and inspire others to look after their minds, take better care of their bodies and live a life that is connected and engaged with the stuff that matters the most to them.

At age 31 I came to a crossroads in my life. I was forced to change the way I lived.

After a multitude of health struggles, and a host of stressful experiences in a short space of time, I found myself in a dark and isolating place. My body had abandoned me, my mind was a murky mess of fear and confusion, and I had lost my zest for life. My joy had begun to fade. 

In one particular moment of fear, with my heart pounding in my chest, and my mind clouded with confusion, I decided I wanted to turn life around for myself. In that fleeting yet potent moment in time my mission became clear and I embarked on my own soul-driven quest to reclaim my body, get back my life and awaken the joy within. I had two beautiful children to look after, a bunch of dreams and desires I was still yet to accomplish, and my whole life ahead of me.

I was desperate to get better, and get my life back, not just for myself, but for my family.

From that day forward I embarked on a life changing journey to restore my mental, emotional and physical health from the inside out, and discovered the most incredible things about the mind, the body and its intimate two-way connection.

During this time I made it a priority (actually I made it a critical part of my daily routine) to adopt a daily Model of Self Care, connect deeply to the things that mattered the most to me, and engage with more of the things I loved. I sought professional help from some of the most incredible health practitioners and healthcare teams available, and I looked after my physical and mental health in all the ways I was learning how.

After a whole lot of patience, and a swag of time, commitment, care and dedication my health began to recover and restore. I had energy again and my mental and emotional wellbeing started to re-balance and heal.

Finally I had traction and I started to forge a deeper, more meaningful present moment connection with more of the good stuff. Life started to flow with more joy and ease. Finally I was on my recovery path.

And it was through this journey of re-balancing, restoring and healing that I started to create my own integrated Wellness Model for health and wellbeing.

Infusing my holistic occupational therapy mind-set with my own therapeutic experiences and self-discoveries, I set about developing a unique integrative lifestyle approach that would encompass all facets of the wellbeing spectrum.

My WHOLE LIFE Wellness Model is designed to help restore health, reignite people’s vitality & zest for life and re-engage them in the activities and experiences that give meaning, purpose and joy.

I have created my online space, the Mind Body Living Centre and my Wellness Model to support my quest, and to inspire people to do things a little differently, to initiate positive change in their life and to be crusaders of their own mental, emotional and physical wellbeing.

And this is my wish for you.

“May you find a deep inner peace, enjoy a healthy body and mind, and experience life in all its fullness and richness.

Let what you are experiencing, be your greatest teacher;

Let who you are; your inner essence, lead you down your own path to greater health and vibrant living”


Yours in whole health

Much love



Jess Leggatt005

Integrative wellness practitioner | Occupational Therapist | Founder of Mind Body Living