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Hello. A place to start is to connect. Let me start by sharing a little bit about myself.

I’m Jess,  occupational therapist + integrative wellness practitioner passionate about making a difference in the way people engage with life. As a holistic therapist with over 15 years experience in the health industry I love helping people step into new ways of thinking, doing and being to achieve greater purpose and wellness, so they can do more of the things they love. 

What began as a journey to discovering my own path to better health and vitality has evolved into my own holistic wellbeing practice, the development of my integrated Whole Life Wellness model, and an online space to connect, learn, share and feel inspired.  Welcome to Mind Body Living.

I am a registered Occupational Therapist, mindfulness meditation teacher and certified yoga instructor excited about good food and optimal nutrition. I bring all aspects of my personal and professional learnings into my wellbeing services.

I connect with people from all walks of life helping them find their ultimate wellness, teaching them valuable life skills, and inspiring them to do more of the things they love with greater purpose, meaning and fulfillment.


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My mission became clear

After working in the mainstream medical industry for over a decade, treating hundreds of patients in large private hospitals, I started noticing some common patterns among my clients.  I became acutely aware that there were patients who would get better and recover very quickly, and there were others who would stay sick, or get progressively worse.

I became deeply curious into the hows and whys of health and disease. I discovered there is so much more than meets the eye.

And when I myself started experiencing a cascade of health problems that lingered for several years, my fate was set.

I became particularly fascinated with how our environment, the food we eat, and the social, emotional, and spiritual aspects of our inner and outer world affect our overall health. Fed up with my own daily health struggles that had lingered for most of my young adult life, I buried my head in the research, dug deep, pawed through the literature, and took a very deep personal journey into the depths of what it means to truly be well.

Along this fascinating (and often very challenging) journey of mine, I discovered a whole new perspective on health, wellness, and the mind-body connection, and found out what it truly means to experience TRUE wellbeing. You can read more about my story here.

Inspired action

I have created my online space, my holistic wellbeing practise, my blog, and the Mind Body Living Centre as a vessel to explore the mind-body connection, to unveil the truths and origins of health & happiness, and ultimately, provide momentum for inspired change. 

I am now following my heartfelt desires, and it is my wish for you to follow yours.

This is a space where you can connect with me. I am a writer, wellness program designer and meditation-yoga teacher.  I am also an on the ground clinician and love working with people one-to- one.

I develop programs, contribute to health and wellbeing publications, and run workshops and teaching sessions to inspire change and open minds to new ideas on health and wellness.

Please don’t hesitate to email me with questions, enquiries or just an opportunity to connect

I provide skype sessions and am also available for face-to-face wellbeing sessions. Don’t hesitate to contact me to find out more.


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 “Do what you love, and love what you do”

Harnessing the power of meaningful and purposeful action is my passion. I truly believe that what we do, helps mould who we are, and gives us the meaning, drive and purpose to live an enjoyable rewarding life.

My mantra is…

“Let occupation be thy medicine, and medicine be thy occupation”. 

In other words, do what you love, and love what you do! And, I’m not talking about the 9-5 daily grind type of stuff. I’m talking about the types of activities, connections and experiences that make you feel deeply alive and engaged with life.

The experiences that anchor you to the present moment and feed your deepest desires with nourishing goodness and lasting joyful purpose. The ‘stuff’ that matters to you; the stuff that stirs your creativity and makes you feel enlivened, and bursting with life. The tasks, activities and pursuits that help centre your being, give your heart meaning and allow your inner essence to shine through.

Some of us are lucky enough to experience this in our 9-5 work day. Some of us have to work a little harder to bring this into our life in other ways.

It doesn’t matter how you bring meaningful and purposeful actions and experiences into your life; what matters is that you get to know what it feels like to occupy your time meaningfully and wisely doing what you love.

Your mind, your body and your inner spirit will thank you for it!

My personal world

My family are my essence. I love my work, but first and foremost, I am a Mum. I am a Mum to two beautiful little girls, and it is my connection to my life-partner and my family, that feeds my inspiration to live wholeheartedly and in touch with the things that matter. They are my constant inspiration for maintaining vibrant health, happiness and vitality.

I believe optimal wellbeing is about living a conscious life, deeply connected with our hearts desires and those around us.

It’s about living authentically, enjoying a balance of meaningful physical activity, mind-body movement, fresh air, sunshine, time in the great outdoors, and plenty of pure clean water.

It is about nourishing the body with wholesome nutritious food, and nourishing our brain with nurturing goodness, meaningful moments and a host of health inspiring wisdom.

I love yoga, natural clean living, adventure, travel, inner discovery and being in nature as much as I can. I believe the simple things in life are often the best.

Oh, and I love to cook! I love creating unique, simple, healthy, and wholesomely nutritious recipes by experimenting in the kitchen with my daughters. Cooking and sharing food is what brings people together.

 Digestive Health

I am a firm believer that a focus on digestive health is critical for optimising wellbeing and aiding the recovery from chronic illness, disease and poor health. I am passionate about bringing more attention to this often neglected area.

I personally follow a wholefoods nutritious lifestyle; nourishing my body with beautiful fresh produce, including good quality pasture fed meat and poultry (I aim for organic where possible), fresh local fish, loads of nutritious vegetables, wholesome leafy greens, healthy fats (olive oil, ghee, coconut oil, & flaxseed oil), and small amounts of berries & fruit. I choose to eat gluten-free whole grains, and sweeten my treats with honey, fruit and pure organic maple syrup.

I choose to avoid refined sugars, gluten & most dairy products as much as I can (although this is not always possible with a busy lifestyle!), as I find they make me feel tired, run down and less vital. I choose to eat food that is nutrient dense, colourful and as close to the way nature intended. I feel at my best and most consistently vibrant when I follow this natural, wholesome eating lifestyle.

I also follow a histamine-balanced eating plan to manage an underlying overactive immune-nervous system response to certain foods and food chemicals (histamine intolerance).  This is improving dramatically as my body continues to heal.

Jess Leggatt017
“Changing my ‘nutritious lifestyle’ and restoring my digestive health played a huge role in regaining my health, optimising my emotional wellbeing and accelerating recovery”

 Our Environment

I think our external environment, both what we can see and what we can not, has more influence on our health than we dare think about. I believe that respecting and nurturing the precious eco-environment that surrounds us, is just as important for sustainable wellbeing as nurturing ourselves. We are all interconnected, and our connection with the natural world, the earth, the oceans, the trees and the mountains and rivers is a critical facet of our health & wellbeing. We need to care for our natural surroundings as if it is the only home we have – a critical key to overall health and happiness!

 Symptoms as messages

I believe we need to start viewing ‘symptoms’ such as pain, ill-health, mental unrest, emotional burden and physical disease, as our body’s internal dialogue.

Symptoms are our body’s unique form of communication that needs to be listened to, with sensitivity, compassion and gentle curiosity.

Symptoms are part of our natural primal survival drive giving us subtle clues, or big bold messages to sit up and listen; sometimes literally yelling at us to, “take better care of yourself”,   “do something different please!”, or “it’s time to take your life in another direction!”.

We need to learn how to tune into this, rather than tune out.

When we attempt to numb, mask or avoid our symptoms through constant distraction, workaholism, drugs, alcohol, over-medication, denial, suppression, or addictive behaviours; it’s like taking a panadol, while standing on a tack.

To truly restore health, find more meaning and purpose in our life, and recover from the inside out, we need to take a closer, more holistic look at ALL the possible contributors that might be feeding into our stress, unhappiness or unpleasant symptoms.


Mindfulness and values-based living are what drive my professional approach and my way of life; gently pushing myself and others to connect with their deepest heartfelt desires, and to live the life they imagined for themselves. I believe in the importance of engaging a mindful life, noticing the little things, and enjoying being connected with the present moment.

Meditation, breathing and mindfulness form a regular part of my routine, and has been the key to re-balancing & restoring my Whole Life wellbeing.


I am intuitive, sensitive, compassionate, wholehearted, passionate, curious and genuinely interested in others. I am in introvert by nature but love connecting on a deep level with people from all walks of life, and love spending time with those that bring out the best in me. I am scientifically minded, heart-centred, and philosophical in my approach.

 I LOVE empowering people to move into their potential, awakening them to experience all facets of life with vibrancy & zest, and connecting them to their heartfelt desires. My WHOLE LIFE approach is simple:

Self care      Do something you love      Connect  

Jess Leggatt003

I believe if we can focus on these three things every day; the rest will take care of itself.    


 Start connecting today…

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Explore & enjoy… and I look forward to connecting sometime soon!

With love


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