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How do I create change in my life?

This is the million dollar question.

Most people recognise they need to make changes in their life. Most people know that smoking is bad for them, too much unhealthy food will eventually make them sick or overweight, working 14 hour days will make them tired and unhappy, sitting all day will cause injury and pain, and unhelpful thinking will lead to feelings of depression or anxiety. But what is it that truly makes people change their deeply ingrained habits?

Radical interventions promising 'quick fix' solutions, or speedy treatment regimes offering miraculous cures, are rarely sustainable and often short lived.

Medications have the potential to eventually wear off, have dependency risks, or worst still, have negative side effects causing more problems to deal with. Surgery is not always an option, and invasive treatments are expensive, unpredictable and can sometimes make things worse. Drugs and alcohol are also short lived ‘liberators’ to problems, and often bring with them more harm than good.

Eventually, we need to look at additional avenues to help create positive change in our life. And, something we all need to be reminded of from time to time is; creating sustainable positive change, takes time.



"Because lasting change needs to happen at an integrated physical, mental, emotional, spiritual and social level and, as you can imagine, this can take some time to sift through! But, it doesn’t matter how long it takes. As long as you are willing and open to move forward. The rest will unfold from there".


 Sustainable change takes personal effort, motivation and inner drive. And this is hard, especially when you have so much on your plate as it is, are dealing with persistent health issues, or feel isolated and alone.

This is why introducing change in our lives needs to have the right guidance & support; one which promotes a self-guided approach, and one which empowers the individual to feel a sense of mastery over the direction of their own life.


My whole-life fitness & wellbeing philosophy understands this, in fact, it embraces it.


I have created Mind Body Living as a platform for change; a space to give you support and somewhere to start. To provide some gentle guidance so you can take ownership over your own care and future health.

I also introduce you to my Whole-Life Fitness philosophy. This holistic, integrated lifestyle approach focuses on all aspects of your health experience and emphasises the 7 core domains to optimal wellbeing. You can find out more about these 7 core domains by checking out my Whole-Life Fitness wheel here.

The fitness wheel helps us to identify what areas of our life we are doing well in, and what areas might need of a little more attention. It is a simple, 'whole person' view on how we can strive to restore balance and optimise wellbeing in our lives.

Inspired by my professional experiences and driven by my own personal journey to wellness, I have created Mind Body Living as your online resource to help facilitate positive change in your life. I believe life long learning, striving for healthier lifestyle choices, and recovery from illness, emotional imbalance, mental unrest or pain is possible; we just need a little help to know where to start.

Moving forward is the single most important step. I am looking forward to helping you take this step.


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