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Bonus video blog: Changing your energetic blueprint literally heals!

All things of matter and life, including human beings, are made up of an energetic blueprint. If we can learn how to influence this blueprint, we can learn how to flip our body’s systems into health and healing mode. My latest video blog will show you how, with a simple and easy exercise. 

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Many ancient health and healing traditions were acutely aware of this surging energy system that flows throughout our physical body, with many historic healing modalities directly focusing on positively influencing our ‘Life flow’ (our Prana, Qi, or Chi) for increased health and vitality.

Our cells are literally vibrating and surging with energy every second of the day, going about their cellular functions and creating a detectable and measureable electromagnetic field found to not only influence our own health and happiness, but also the health and happiness of those around us.

Depending on what is going on in our body, our environment, our emotional experiences, our past experiences and our subconscious mind at the time, this energetic blueprint can become stagnant, contracted and blocked, leading to a combination of issues resulting in inflammation, pain and disease in the particular body part that is affected. However, it can also become flowing, expansive and pumping with vitality if we learn how to unblock it and bring life flow and higher energy forces to the area. A healthy flowing life energy or prana leads to healthy, vibrant physiological responses in the brain and body. 

Some fascinating research done by the Institute of HeartMath (IHM) in California shows us that different parts of our body emit different levels of vibrational electromagnetic energy. In fact, we now know that the heart generates the largest electromagnetic field in the body and contains its own intelligent neurological system, directly affecting every other part of the body through its very powerful electrical signals.

This is pretty exciting! If we can learn how to influence this, we can learn how to tap into one of the most potent in-built healing mechanisms available to us.

Watch my latest video blog to learn how to influence your own heart’s energetic blueprint. When we start to nurture and uplevel our own energy systems, we start to emit a vibrant electromagnetic field or life force pumping with vitality. This life force literally starts to influence and change the energy systems of those around us.