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Nurtured Mind, Nurtured Body

The past few weeks have been an incredible experience for me, both personally and professionally.

I have enjoyed the highs of attending life-changing workshops and conferences hosted by the world’s leading teachers of mind-body science, women leadership and personal and spiritual development, and I have experienced the lows of being caught up in an energy zapping illness, that hijacked my body for what seemed like weeks. But, what doesn’t challenge you, doesn’t change you, right?

It has been an incredible couple of months to say the least. A time of challenge, and a time of growth. I have experienced the elation of meeting and creating some amazing connections with leading doctors, authors and health professionals in this field, and being invited to engage in exciting opportunities and professional experiences.

I have also struggled through the disappointment of a failing body as it fights off an illness making me feel terrified that I would not fully recover, like other times before.

And I have struggled with the lows and heart wrenching reactions I feel in my body and mind when I witness the horrible events unfolding  due to the current world climate and the heart pulling issues that are coming to light as a result of human fear, ignorance and lack of compassionate action.


The changing brain & thinking heart

Did you know that the brain is actually capable of changing itself?

Only ten years ago we thought that the brain could not regenerate new brain cells. Now they are discovering the brain can not only regenerate new cells but it can also influence how our genes are expressed! Given the right conditions and support the brain can actually rewire and reprogram itself.