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Awaken your heart to the beauty of your life.

Choose love in every moment. When we step out of our constantly busy, analysing, fear driven minds and drop into our hearts, life flows with more fun and ease and we get to experience greater love, fulfillment and happiness, every step of the way. Our cup becomes suitably full!

Choosing love in every moment is about nurturing an ever flowing,  eternal wellspring of unconditional patience, compassion, forgiveness and gentle kindness. When we drop into this awareness, we realise that at the very core of our nature we are one and the same;  each a single, precious vulnerable human being yearning to be loved, accepted and feeling like we belong. To essentially –  ‘be enough with who we are’.


My deep journey of surrender into life’s perfection

When we can meet the world with an open and vulnerable heart, embracing its blemishes as much as its beauty, this is the path of an untethered soul. When we can let go of the struggle to become someone different, to let go of  what we think true happiness looks like and simply surrender onto the path of pure joy, this is the essence of an awakened heart  ~  Jess Leggatt

Perfection use to be a dirty word in my vocabulary. It use to cause a great deal of angst and heartache in my life, flipping my sympathetic nervous system into overdrive and triggering off a never ending cycle of stress, anxiety and turmoil in my body. Now, it has become the threshold to unveiling the True Beauty of my life. A stepping stone to a greater understanding of why we are all here.


Part 4 of my 4 part series: The key to lasting wellbeing and happiness

Listen to the whispers in your heart and follow your soul’s true desires

In other words DO WHAT YOU LOVE, listen to your inner most dreams and desires and live the life you imagined. DO what makes your heart sing!  

As many of you are aware, I have started writing my first book. I am following my deepest heart yearnings and living out my life-long dream to become a writer. I can’t wait to share it with you and birth my heart’s work into the world. It has something I have been wishing for a very long time. I feel like I am finally on my soul-inspired path, and listening to the whispers in my heart (even with the doubts, the fears, the self-sabotaging beliefs and the voice in my head constantly trying to talk me out of it). And, I am learning to TRUST the process.


My little tango dance with this thing called fear

I’ve got something I’ve been meaning to share with you for sometime now. It’s taken me awhile because I’ve been dealing with a little something I call the ‘fear freeze response’. I’ve just started trying out how it feels to record a couple of video blogs! My fear response has kicked in big time.


Bonus video blog: Changing your energetic blueprint enhances your wellbeing!

More recently I’ve been delving into some interesting learning about the ancient Eastern wellness philosophies, and I’ve been discovering some pretty amazing things.

All things of matter and life, including human beings, are made up of an energetic blueprint. If we can learn how to influence this blueprint, we can learn how to flip our body’s systems into health and healing mode, enhance our general wellbeing, and have more energy to do the things we love the most. When we feel good on the inside, we’re able to participate in more of the things that make us feel good on the outside, and we get to engage with life in a more positive way. My latest video blog will show you how you might be able to influence your ‘internal environment’ so that you may enjoy your day with more ease and flow, and do more of the things you love. 

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Bonus Video Blog: What is meditation and how do I start?

Transform your inner world by going within. When we go within we find a place where peace, stillness & joy resides. Take the time to go there every day.

Enjoy my latest video blog on mindfulness meditation where I talk you through a very simple breathing meditation that you can do every day. Research is showing that just two 5 minute meditation sessions a day is proving to have profound health benefits in all areas of a person’s life.  Meditation is a beautiful tool for boosting your WHOLE LIFE FITNESS. Start your breathing practice today!



Part 3 of my 4 part series: The key to lasting wellbeing and happiness

Make awareness your friend


Negative thoughts self liberate when we touch them with the gentle caress of awareness.

Old wounds begin to heal when we bring loving attention to them and bathe them with the soothing balm of compassion.

Old programs unravel. Old records fade. Self limiting beliefs disappear.

Life transforms when we make awareness our friend   ~ Jess Leggatt


Awareness can be our greatest teacher and loyal friend if we learn to pay attention. Awareness comes to us in many forms, sometimes alighting itself gently on our lap with a soft whisper or gentle nudge, taking our hand lovingly and guiding us in the direction we need to go. Other times it comes to us with more force, boldly knocking us over, or jolting us wide awake with a fierceness we can’t ignore.

It doesn’t matter how awareness enters our life, what matters is that we learn how to pay attention and take note.


Part 2 of my 4 part series: The key to lasting wellbeing and happiness

Cultivate resilience by nurturing your inner life

I often refer to resilience as our ability to bend instead of break. Quite often throughout our life we are thrown a curve ball, or two (or three or four or five!); a specific incident or accumulation of experiences that bowls us off our feet, takes the wind out of sail, and makes us acutely aware of our own fragility and vulnerableness.

Sometimes it’s a major blow like illness, a relationship breakdown, death, heartache, a life limiting disease or injury, financial crisis, or the loss of a job. Other times it’s a gentler tug like loneliness, resentment, failure, rejection, mistrust, accumulative stress or disappointment. No matter what the misfortune might be, the common thread of these experiences is that they push our pain buttons, and pull and tug at our inner sense of balance and resilience.  So what helps us deal with these challenges a little easier, and how do we cope more effectively so that we are able to bend instead of break?


Part 1 of my 4 part series : The key to lasting wellbeing and happiness

Embracing a perfectly imperfect life

As I began to write this article, I started thinking about a famous and unforgettable quote from one of my favourite movies of all time: The Princess Bride. If you haven’t yet been blessed with this movie in your life, I know you soon will after reading this blog post. Watching this movie, will give you a WHOLE new perspective on fairytales, life, love and living with abandon. Let me share with you why.


Finding power in your vulnerability

Do we need permission to be vulnerable? I’m doing something I’ve never done before. I’m breaking out. I’m exposing my deepest heartfelt vulnerability to you. I’m unveiling a piece of my inner self.

Just recently I read an article about the importance of vulnerability. It was discussing that vulnerability is something that most of us shy away from, we try to ignore and we feel awkward and squeamish just by using the word. But, perhaps it can be our most potent tool for growth.