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The Whole Life Wellness Wheel

Whole-Life Wellness Wheel developed by Jess Leggatt (C) 2015


Living a WHOLE LIFE is a choice we make for ourselves every day. A healthy, balanced lifestyle engages all 7 domains.



  • Nourishing your body with wholesome nutritious food that suits your unique bio-individuality
  • Engaging in meaningful physical activity & mindful movement exercises to promote strength, flexibility and positive mind-body connections
  • Engaging in healthy lifestyle behaviours that support health of internal bodily systems
  • Participating in the functional physical tasks that are important to you (house, home, parenting, work, fitness)
  • Looking after your posture and hydrating your body



  • Caring for your brain health and feeding your most complex organ with positive stimulation, knowledge and meaningful learning experiences
  • Keeping an open, inquiring mind – using your mind as a tool to make wise choices & foster continued growth and evolvement
  • Giving your mind adequate time to rest and be still; be present



  • Emotional embodiment – seeking greater self-awareness and inquiry of your emotional health.
  • Fostering active acceptance, forgiveness and compassion in your daily life
  • Connecting with your values, your deepest heartfelt desires, so that you can be the person we want to be and live the life you want to live.
  • Engaging the heart-mind for greater care and kindness for yourself and others
  • Bringing a sense of play, creativity, gratitude and optimism into daily life



  • Seeking out meaning & purpose in your life
  • Exploring your personal views of life, and how you connect & fit in with your community, the world and the Universe
  • Connecting with your ‘inner essence’ – your spirit, your soul, your unchanging sense of self
  • Getting in touch with spiritual practices and beliefs that are important to you
  • Activating and enriching your inner and outer life through spiritual integration (‘spiritual grounded-ness’)



  • Fostering relationships, and nurturing meaningful connections
  • Engaging in mindful communication
  • Reaching out to your own personal community of support
  • Cultivating fun, love, intimacy and connectedness in your life



  • Looking at how your outside world effects your inside world
  • Being aware of your physical environment (home, work, exposure to toxins/chemicals, benefit of nature, being outdoors, connection to mother Earth) and how it impacts your health
  • Acknowledging the impact of your social environment, those you live with and the important people in your life, and how they affect your health
  • Looking at your financial landscape, your monetry resources and the influence this has on your life
  • Acknowledging wider external influences (social laws, cultures, traditions) that might be effecting your health
  • Acknowledging outer energy systems and cosmic influences and the impact they have on your own inner systems, balance and experiences


Rest / Mindfulness:        

  • Using ‘active rest’ strategies like meditation, and deep breathing to elicit the relaxation response and promote optimal healing and wellbeing
  • Getting good quality, deep sleep each  night
  • Making time for self nourishment and nurture
  • Maintaining a healthy work-life balance, and taking time-out when needed
  • Adopting a mindful way of life, connecting to the present moment & enjoying activities that bring a sense of flow, joy & deep aliveness

Striving for good health and a healthy engagement with life is about striving for balance. The Whole-Life Wellness Wheel is a great place to initiate life balance. You can visualise the wheel as a starting place for working towards your own health, wellbeing and life-fullfilment.

Are you living a WHOLE LIFE?

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