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Are we really getting what it means to experience TRUE WELLBEING?

Physical health and fitness is a big topic when we talk about boosting health and wellness. But, what about our emotional fitness, our social fitness or even our spiritual fitness?

Unlike traditional mainstream paradigms,  my Whole Life wellness model incorporates a multidimensional view of health; introducing a whole-life, whole-person approach to boosting health, wellness and life-fulfilment. It’s a lifestyle approach for EVERYONE leading to greater occupational engagement, doing more of the things we love.


My WHOLE LIFE wellness model offers a paradigm shift; a life-changing health & wellbeing approach that encompasses all aspects of the wellness spectrum. It is a fresh, integrated, holistic framework uplifting you to greater heights in health, wellness & life-fulfilment.


Whole-Life Fitness looks at a person’s health as a combined product of internal and external influences, and focuses on the mind and body, working together, as a synergistic whole. 

It focuses on the whole person to restore balance, re- integrate mind-body systems and reconnect the individual to their deepest heartfelt desires; so they can do more of the things they love, and live the life they imagined.


Embracing the heart, the science and the wisdom

My wellness philosophy is heart-centred, holistic and integrated, infusing the best of  modern scientific advances, with the nurturing wisdom of traditional healing and health systems. Ultimately , it is a nurturing fusion of heart, science and wisdom.

It taps into the exciting potential of brain science, neuroplasticity and genetic discovery, engages the heart-mind and embraces the health-giving knowledge and rituals of ancient traditional practices.

Neuroplasticity and epigentics opens up a whole new way of thinking about health and disease, and scientifically supports the intrinsic ability of the body and mind to be able to rewire, reprogram and reset, given the right conditions and support. This is pretty exciting, and a beautiful tool for change.

The ancient intuitive traditions and indigenous healing philosophies that have been practised and passed down over thousands of years give us invaluable wisdom and insight into unlocking the healing secrets of our mind, and unveiling the potential of our true wellbeing. This too provides exciting possibilities for continual change and sustainable recovery.

The traditional tribal belief systems emphasise the importance of interconnectedness & community, routines and rituals attuned to the natural biorhythms of nature,  breathing practices for cultivating calm and wisdom, mindfulness meditation to anchor ourselves to the present moment, connections with the natural environment, traditional dance, play, and art for full creative expression, and a deep sense of connection to one’s inner LIFE and spiritual essence.

To truly experience complete wellbeing in all its richness and facets, we need to embrace the science, engage the heart and embody the wisdom.

This is the foundation of my WHOLE LIFE philosophy.


 What is the Whole Life philosophy?

Livng a WHOLE LIFE enables meaningful, joyful and purposeful engagement with the things that mean the most to you.

It embodies our physical health, as well as our mental, emotional, spiritual and social wellbeing. It encompasses the importance of rest, and the impact that our environment has on our overall wellness.

Ultimately, my WHOLE LIFE wellness model recognises that true, sustainable health and wellbeing needs to encompass a whole-person, whole-life approach to enable full occupational engagement to the activities, connections and things that matter the most to us.


The seven core domains of my Whole Life wellness model

  1. Physical
  2. Mental
  3. Emotional
  4. Spiritual
  5. Social
  6. Rest
  7. Environment

A healthy, balanced lifestyle engages all seven domains to enable optimal occupational engagement and wellness. Click here to check out my Whole-Life Wellness Wheel and explore these domains in greater detail. Are you living a WHOLE LIFE?